BearTOOLS Ladder Inspection Record Kit

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Ensure safety and compliance with our BearTOOLS Ladder Inspection Record Kit. The bold colors make the ladder tag highly visible on construction sites, and its design offers easy identification and checks.

Key Features:
- Clear Identification: Ladder tags display ladder type, ID number, and risk assessment period. The reverse side allows you to note pre-use and in-use checks.
- Easy Record Keeping: Clearly record ladder reference number, risk assessment period, and inspection dates.
- Robust and Weatherproof: High-quality, weatherproof materials ensure the most up-to-date information is readily accessible.
- Convenient Holder: The kit includes a holder that attaches securely to the ladder, allowing for easy insertion and removal of inspection inserts.
- Comprehensive Information: Your ladder tag provides space for up to 12 planned inspections, inspector signatures, ladder purpose, inspection checklist, and inspection trail.