Enhance warehouse efficiency

The Bear Safety Forklift Laser simplifies forklift operations, offering precise fork alignment. With its emitted laser line, it helps operators align fork tips with pallets. Easily mountable and adjustable, it ensures accurate placement. The disappearing laser line confirms correct alignment.

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Fits all forklift types.
  • Quick Installation: Attaches in under five minutes.
  • Secure Attachment: Magnetic base ensures stability.
  • Long-lasting Power: Rechargeable battery lasts up to 50 hours.
  • Wireless Control: In-cabin remote extends product life.
  • Enhanced Safety: Fan-shaped laser indicates exact fork position.
  • Smart Activation: Turns on with fork movement.
  • Battery Package: Includes two batteries and charger.
  • Efficient Operation: Up to one week on a single charge.
  • Easy Mounting: Secures with three magnets.
  • Universal Adaptation: Suitable for any lift truck and carriage class.
  • Compact Design: Reduces impact risk with loads.

Enhance warehouse efficiency and safety while minimizing product damage with the Bear Safety Forklift Laser.

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