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Top Quality, Lightweight Yet Very Strong

I am extremely impressed with the quality and very obvious strong durability of this Bear Tools tool safety lanyard, its very light and you only have to hold it in your hands to tell that it has been made with great care and from top quality components that will not let you down.

This is perfect for both DIY uses and professional trade people, it comes with detailed instructions which are written on good quality card and in clear and concise English, When you register your lanyard you will receive a free Lifetime Warranty and free bonus Safety Checklist. I really cannot rate this product highly enough and I am certain you will not be disappointed or let down with its quality.

I trust the safety of this lanyard so much I have trusted that it will not let me down with the safety of 'the love of my life' my 3lb Mackinder's Eagle Owl, My husband and I do all our own DIY which is why I ordered the Safety Lanyard but when it arrived I instantly thought of a dual purpose and have now employed the lanyard to spend some of its time as the most perfect, lightweight and very secure tether for my Owl who loves to sit on the patio on warm sunny days.

Thank you for reading my review, I hope you may find it helpful. -- D P.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The Perfect Pow Surfer Leash!

The perfect leash for pow surfers! When you fall you don’t even feel the board because the elastic absorbs everything.

Super convenient to just slip the loop over your boot and up above the knee.

Better than the expensive leashes that come with pricey pow surfers.

Really stoked to have found these! -- Kayleigh Benner-Campbell

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Simple but effective

One of the dangers when working up ladders or on scaffolding is dropping tools which of course would be quite likely to kill somebody should it hit them, damage property or simply damage your tools.

I have been using tool lanyards for a while now to prevent accidental drops and they work really well for tools that have chunky handles or for tool that have integrated eyelets, but many small hand tools such as screwdrivers, ratchets, etc, do not have any easy way to attach a lanyard.

These little tool tail tethers from BearTOOLS is a quick and easy way to fix that problem.

In the pack you get 12 small webbing loops that are approximately 12mm wide and 120mm in length. One end of the webbing has a metal D-ring sewn onto it to allow small karabiners etc to be clipped to it.

The webbing is stitched at either end, so the middle section can be separated allowing a belt to pass through, making it ideal for attaching small items to your belt. To secure the tail to your small hand tools, you simply place the tail against the handle and then secure it in place by wrapping them both in self amalgamating tape. The tails have a maximum weight capacity of 0.9kg.

Just like the other BearTOOLS products i have been using, i am really pleased with this product. It is a simple and effective method of being able to tether small hand tools that have no built eyelet. The straps look and feel very well made and I like that you get plenty in the pack. I think the £15 asking price is pretty reasonable for what you get and i’d have no problem in recommending this product. -- F. Blade

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Essential, well made tool lanyard for anyone working at a height.

I am on a team that installs AV equipment. Safety procedures on site require that when using step ladders, someone has to hold them. I have become very aware of the dangers of dropping tools on my colleagues, even though we all wear hard hats. (And of course, I do not want to drop an expensive tool)

BearTOOLS make a range of excellent quality lanyards, and this one is perfect for larger tools, such as a drill, but also suitable for smaller items too. It is UKCA marked and approved for use with items up to 8kg.

A little imagination is required on how you make use of the Lanyard.

For example the cord could be attach the tool end (see photo), and the other end to a belt via the sturdy, sprung carabiner. Or you could also switch ends and attach the carabiner to your drill or smaller tool ,and the cord end to your belt or wrist.

Whatever option you choose, I feel this is a responsible and secure way of tool handling at a height. It not only protects tools from damage, but more importantly protects your colleagues and promotes an accident free environment. -- Darren


Nice Tool Leash / Tether

I work in the oil and gas industry, and if we go up on a ladder or on top of a tank we must tether all of our tools and equipment so we minimize a dropped object risk. This set of three is very handy.

These would be good for the do it yourself handyman or someone in the trades. It makes for a safer work environment and keeps your tools close by if one of them slip out of your hands.

They extend to about 44 inches which is nice. It will allow you full range of motion.

The only improvement I would suggest would be to make the latch locking for your belt loop or tool belt.

Other than that these should provide years of use and safety! Nice value. -- TravelinLight

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Brilliant quality. Secure hold on tools, good working room.

I chose these lanyards for my partner to use, and we are both very happy that he has them.

The recent windy weather has damaged the garage roof, the last time it was repaired I had to keep picking up and passing back tools that were dropped. I did learn to stand out of the way though in case they dropped on me.

These lanyards are easy to use, and they are strong, the carabiner is good quality too. The elastic in the webbing is really good and makes these much safer than lanyards without it as it won’t jar or jolt my partner when he drops heavy items like his drill.

Very impressed with the quality of these. -- Morph

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Strong and quickly detachable tool safety lanyard

This is a strong yet slightly stretchy tool safety lanyard. It can quickly be attached to scaffolding with the carabiner clip provided and the other half (choke) is a strong shock cord that can be fitted around tools and pulled tight with the cylinder grip clip. The two halves can be quickly connected together with the quick release clip.

Being stretchy when a tool drops there is not a sudden impact as the cord takes the load which means there is less chance of damage.

For me working with tools on scaffolding platforms I need a safety lanyard like this as a power drill dropped 5m would require an expensive replacement and could also injure anyone working below.

I have attached a photo showing a power drill suspended by this lanyard as it would be if it were dropped in use. -- UKT

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Flexible and Strong Tool Strap

I already have a larger version of this which I use for hanging my small chainsaw from needed.

This pack of three is very good value at £18 for 3 straps, which I wanted to use for supporting a narrow gauge dust extraction hose within my workshop, which work well allowing sufficient movement whilst keeping the hose out of the way.

The loop on the end has a soft plastic tube surrounding the loop which provides grip and protection for the tool being tethered. The carabiner is good quality (not mountaineering standard but good for a tool support).

There is good stretch on the product without being too long, even with the maximum weight on. -- Darbyp

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Great Handy Holder

I have a disabled fur kid so needed something to hang my fur kids lifting leg straps on, when out walking just in case I needed to help him during a walk.

This holder does this really well, so already very happy with it. It is very easy to use just simply slide the clip over your belt, hang on whatever I need and away I go.

Given the durability it should be able to hold a slightly bit of weight, keeping everything to hand. It also has a great mount hole on the back, so I have put a screw in my camper wall so when not in use it can simply be hooked onto with the leg straps on it while away camping.

I find the holding clip nice and strong, so very durable and enough to use in a variety of work environments. I like it that much I will probably buy a second one to keep in my dog rescue van. -- Jay

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Secure Loops

I have just attached these to my adjustable for now, very easy to do and seem to stay put.

Hooking on and off safety straps should be a lot easier with these. I normally just tie a paracord loop but this does wear out very quickly, these are not going to wear out in a hurry.

They do seem a bit pricey but I think you will only need to buy them once, they are made to last by the feel of them. -- HS

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Great Lanyard

Love these lanyard and easy to use. Will by more to secure while transport as well. Very heavy duty and easy to get on and off. -- Dawn Quarant

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Nice Safety Lanyard

I just have this strapped on to the basket of my scooter to keep things locked down. It's definitely a versatile little bungee cord that is very handy to have around your home. Good addition to my tool cabinet and safety equipment. -- T. West

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Full of versatility

This belt clip has a lot of nice features. It has a hole for using it as a wall mount. It slides easily onto a belt and holds well.

It is made of plastic so it is flexible and then it pops into a locked position that is quite easy to open, but seems to hold fairly securely.

Overall very useful and seems sturdy enough despite being plastic. - F. H. E.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Everything you need to ensure your ladder is safe

We had a safety review at work. I didn't realise all ladders at work should have one of these. Makes sense. It isn't health & safety gone mad - it's sensible and important to ensure ladders are safe for use. They can get battered during heavy use.

This product provides everything you need to carry out the checks (on the reverse of the recording label, it tells you what to inspect).

A decent marker pen is supplied and the plastic bracket together with the ties are good quality enough not to break or snap.

I imagine, if someone gets hurt using a ladder at work, the insurance company would ask to see if the ladder has a safety inspection label. - N. G.