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  • Pedestrian safety barriers, known as
    REFLEX protection systems, safeguard both operators and pedestrians in
    high-risk collision areas.
  • The barrier's height ensures comprehensive protection against potential impacts.
  • The modular design offers versatility, enabling extension or shortening after installation.
  • The GENIUS tool allows on-site adaptation of the barrier's length during installation.
  • These
    barriers are exceptionally durable and feature a scratch-resistant
    finish, allowing for reusability and adaptation to new protection needs.
  • The high-visibility color aids instant identification of pedestrian zones, minimizing collision risks.
  • The barrier's surface is designed to be smooth and easy to clean, enhancing practicality.
  • REFLEX rack protections offer comprehensive impact-resistant solutions for safeguarding industrial racks.
  • These
    safety systems are exclusively designed and manufactured in Italy with
    MPM patents and TÜV SÜD certification, meeting EN 15512 standards.
  • The protections ensure maximum impact resistance, installation convenience, and easy maintenance.
  • Innovative internal structure with three shock absorbers effectively absorbs frontal and lateral impacts from moving vehicles.
  • REFLEX material ensures high visibility and resistance to various impact types.
  • Installation is user-friendly, and MPM's technical department provides support for integration into complex protection systems.

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