BearTOOLS Equipment Safety Inspection Kit 20 Pack

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Enhance workplace safety and compliance with the BearTOOLS Equipment Safety Inspection Kit. These versatile tags can be easily attached to a wide range of items, providing critical information to ensure safe operation.

Key Features:
- Universal Attachment: These tags conveniently clip onto a variety of objects and equipment.
- Weatherproof Durability: Crafted with UV-protective and durable materials, they excel in challenging industrial and weather-exposed environments.
- Legal Compliance: Fulfill legal requirements by using these tags where needed in the workplace, especially during inspections.
- Prohibition Symbol: Clearly displays the prohibition status symbol, working in conjunction with the tag insert to offer instant visibility and recognition when in use.
- Out-of-Use Indicator: When placed on an object, these tags indicate that the item is temporarily out of use, contributing to safety protocols.