BearTOOLS Absorbent Sheet for Maintenance Spills - 50cm x 40cm

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Efficiently clean up common non-hazardous spills with General Purpose absorbent pads. Their strong wicking action maximizes cost-effectiveness while preventing contamination and difficulty in cleanup.

Product Bullets:
- Safely absorb oils, fuels, water, coolant, and non-hazardous liquids
- Strong wicking action for easy spill cleanup
- Dimple-bonded for added strength
- Perforated center for convenient tearing
- Ideal for manufacturing, workshops, and quick cleanup needs
- Available in stackable boxes or poly-wrapped for eco-friendly packaging reduction

- Use as a work-mat to catch and absorb drips and leaks during maintenance
- Provides reliable and fast absorption of spills and leaks
- Promotes a proactive approach to a safe and clean working environment.